Image of TRG Order Management System project

TRG Order Management System

A complete order management system for internal use at Total Refrigeration Gaskets, a local manufacturing company near me. It was designed from scratch with a microservices architecture after the source for their legacy .NET desktop application was lost to a ransomware attack. It is primarily used by TRG sales reps to input and modify orders, and also integrates with the production and shipping systems (developed by other teams) to facilitate the automatic progression of an order through the entire business process.

Built with Sails.js, an opinionated Express-based MVC framework with an integrated ODM. The front-end uses Bootstrap and jQuery and the back-end is hosted in Docker containers on AWS ECS. Secured using JWTs and an OAuth flow utlilizing an external Keycloak server.

This project also required attempting to reverse-engineer the legacy binaries to discover data patterns, and importing all legacy order and customer info from the existing on-site Microsoft SQL Server database.

Image of Soundlink project


Soundlink was a social media platform that emphasized playlist sharing via its mobile app. Users could post new playlists via Spotify integration, and were also presented a timeline of posts made by other users that they followed. It featured common social media interactions including likes, comments, reposts, a notification system, and even real-time messages via WebSockets.

Soundlink was created as a group project for a university course. The mobile app was made with React Native, the desktop site with standard React, and the backend with Express. It used to be hosted on Heroku and available as an APK, but is no longer maintained or operational.